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Title: It suits you!

Pairing: Yokoo/Nika (main) Tamamiya(mentioned) Hirosuke (mentioned)

Summary: Yokoo and Nika are attending a Halloween party thrown by Fujigaya at Kitayama's place, all they need to do is find a costume and get on with their lives, but as life would have it, Fujigaya's life isn't the only one that is hard.

A/N: I think I totally failed! T_T I tried! I really did! So I'm sorry if this isn't what you wanted but I tried!

“What about this one?” Nikaido asked his boyfriend of a little over a year. He pulled the plastic bag containing a pirate's outfit out. He grins mischievously eyes gleaming slightly. Yokoo sighed at the look, wondering what it was that Nikaido loved so much about pirates. He was at least partly convinced that it was all Kat-tun's fault.

When Yokoo said nothing Nikaido glared pouting slightly. He wandered over to were Yokoo was musing something or other and leaned in to steal a kiss. It was quick are over far too quickly as Yokoo jumped back searching rapidly for any sneaky paparazzi just waiting for one of them to do something as scandalous as kiss in public. Satisfied they weren't being watched he returned to Nikaido's pouting face still holding up the plastic bag. “It's not your size.” He mutters looking that the size costume would only fit Nikaido's frame if we were about thirty pounds heavier.

“But it's all they have left!” He whined. Indeed almost all the outfits in either of their sizes were sold out Halloween only a day away. Yokoo wandered through the messily arranged costume aisle and found one that was Nikaido's size. He didn't bother to look at it as he threw it at Nikaido knowing the boy would catch on reflex.

“Try that one on, it's probably the only one of your size left.” Yokoo ordered as he found a wolf-man costume in his size hidden behind a pink fairy costume and a sexy witch costume. Satisfied he wandered into the same stall he had seen Nikaido not even a minute before hand.

He wasn't expecting the plastic package to come flying in his face as Nikaido pretty much glared daggers at him. It wasn't normally effective against him, having more than enough practice getting Nikaido to do what he needed to do. Now however it was anything but threatening. Yokoo promptly did the only thing he could think of, burst out laughing.

Nikaido was pink right up to his ears. The whiskers and nose twitching in anger. He had a set of white fluffy bunny ears placed on his black messy hair. The rest of the outfit a big one piece white and pink that looked soft to the touch. “You did this on purpose you jackass!” Nikaido hissed very unhappy that he even put the damn thing on. He glared as he grabbed the zipper to take the thing off, and rip it to shreads.

Yokoo got a hold of himself quickly as he zeroed in on Nikaido with a wolf-like grin, not willing to let this kind of opportunity pass. “Now now, it suits you Nika-chan~” He walked over and pulled Nikaido's fluffy costume into his arms. He ran his hands up and down Nikaido's sides. Nikaido pulled Yokoo into a rough kiss at that moment hands running through Yokoo's hair in desperation. Yokoo grinned loving how easily Nikaido gave up his control.

Nipping slightly on Nikaido's lower lip Yokoo hummed in satisfaction as he felt Nikaido pulling him closer the soft fabric feeling amazing under his fingers as he let his hands roam about it. Nikaido moaned into the kiss softly as Yokoo's hands wandered over his sensitive lower back. He let his hands wander down the curve of Nikaido's ass squeezing slightly as he enjoyed the gasp he received. He moved his kisses down Nikaido's neck and collarbone focusing on the hollow of his throat for a moment. “Watta, take me home now!” Nikaido demanded pulling Yokoo closer to him to kiss him again.

Yokoo grinned and pulled away to look Nikaido in the eye, knowing the boys eagerness was going to make this easier. “Alright, but you have to agree that these are the costumes we are going to get.” he motioned to the wolf-man costume partially out of the bag at his feet and Nikaido's current ensemble. Yokoo expected a fight , something to the degree of whinny screaming and bratty reasoning. Maybe with a few choice cuss words to go along. He was almost looking forward to it.

He got a glare, but nothing more as Nikaido stared down at himself. He didn't look bad, just much more cute than he ever wanted to willingly do. “Only if you agree to buy me dinner and burn this thing when it's all over.” Nikaido bartered not fully willing, but knowing that if he agreed he would get sex much faster. Nikaido then stripped himself of the costume in record time. Must be all the years of practice Yokoo mused.

He picked up the package at his feet and figured that since it said it was his size he would just trust it. He shoved the outift back in the bag as watched Nikaido do the same ear's still on his head. He laughed as Nikaido caught on and yanked them off his head.

The next day they arrived outside Kitayama's apartment, the front door decorated with cobwebs and spiders which Nikaido glared at. Yokoo didn't let that bother him as he knocked on the door. Fujigaya answered wearing a cat costume his hair looking as though by arriving five minutes early they were interrupting something. Fujigaya let them in attempting to mat down his hair. Both Nikaido and Yokoo wore big Jackets over their outfits with hats to keep their identities hidden. Nikaido also wore giant pants over his outfit, stating he wasn't taking any of it off no matter what. Yokoo grinned wondering how much effort it would take to make him cave right then and there instead of later. Opting to wait for everyone else he entered after Fujigaya.

They were obviously the first ones there, Kitayama sprawled out on the couch having even less shame about the state of his mostly taken off Vampire costume. He looked up and lazily fixed himself nodding at the two new people invading his apartment. The apartment was decorated with various props, fake severed limbs, eye ball candy, and cobwebs scattered about. Yokoo assumed it was almost entirely Fujigaya's work, though he noted that at least some of the stuff seemed to be Kitayama's handywork.

The door bell rang as Senga the Caveman, Tamamori the Zombie, and Miyata the Super Saiyen walked in. Tamamori looked with a glare at Miyata every few moments, as the other just smiled his eyes disappearing in his happiness. “Ne-ne why aren't you in your costumes?” Senga asked poking at Nikaido's jacket. Nikaido swatted his hand away and held his coat tighter to his body. Senga cocked his head like a confused puppy and pouted.

Yokoo grinned as he took off his coat and revealed his tore up pants and top with tuffs of fur showing. He took off his hat to reveal fake sideburns and his hair slicked back to add to the effect. He looked over at Nikaido and gave a toothy grin. “Your turn Nika-chan~” His grin became Goseki-like in that moment as the rest of Kisumai looked between the pair in interest and minor uncertainty.

“Fuck you!” Nikaido growled thoroughly unhappy with his life at the moment. He held his coat tighter to his body as he glared at each member. His bratty attitude at full force.

“Come on, it's a costume party! Now where is your costume?” Fujigaya questioned catching on that Nikaido didn't want anyone to see his costume and thoroughly happy that it wasn't HIM under fire for once. He liked this turn of events. Soon everyone surrounded Nikaido all curious as to why he was acting more like a brat than usual.

Under the pressure of everyone's stare Nikaido's defiance crumbled as he shouted a FINE and another few choice words as he took off his pants and coat. Standing in the one piece bunny outfit he glared at his band-mates daring them to say something. They all kept quiet for a moment no one moving.

Yokoo unaffected mostly by this point ruffled in his bag a moment. “Ah can't forget the ears and nose with whiskers!” He declared as he grinned placing the objects on his extremely embarressed boyfriend.

Outfit complete the others couldn't help but burst out laughing. Nikaido glared at them and punched Senga who punched back starting a very comical scuffle. That somehow dragged Tamamori and Miyata into the mix unwilling as they were.

The older three watched from the safety of the couch. “So how did you get that to happen?” Kitayama asked casting a sidelong look at Yokoo as he kept his ears trained to the sound of anything breaking.

“hmmm, Nika-chan will do almost anything if he wants something, good thing he can't seem to let his brain catch up about the consequences.” Yokoo grinned evilly pulling out his phone and taking a bunch of pictures to send to everyone on his phone list.

“You know he'll try to get revenge right?” Fujigaya mentioned laughing as Tamamori screeched about Nikaido touching Miyata inappropriately and starting a new fight as Miyata and Senga scampered away from the danger.

“Only if he can out smart me” Yokoo grinned allowing Senga and Miyata to wander over to hide behind the oldest members.

Soon too tired to fight the members all began to just enjoy the party. Soon ABC-Z showed up with even more ridiculous antics. No one mentioned Nikaido's costume for the rest of the night. After all thanks to ABC-Z the pictures they were sent would be plastered over the JE building tomorrow morning, they would deal with Nikaido trying to strangle them then.

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