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Title: More???
Author:[ profile] aleena_mokoia 
Pairing: Daiki/Chinen
Genre: fluff/romance
Rating: PG(for tiny kisses)
Summary: Chinen and Daiki spend a lot of time together, but is there more to it than close friends and member-ai?

A/N: Unbetaed and unproofed. Also I have no idea what this was suppose to be....I was bored at work and ended up writing it XD So it probably isn't very good.

They were always near each other. At rehearsal, on TV, even outside of work. Sure others were with them too, like Yama-chan or Yuto. However, they had this bond, something the others couldn't quiet touch or put their fingers on.

Chinen walked into Jump's dressing room and walked over to Daiki with a purpose. Dai-chan was zoning out listening to his I-pod not noticing anything around him. Without making himself known , Chinen promptly sat upon Daiki's lap. This surprised the penguin boy a bit, but then he smiled and wrapped his arms around the younger boy.

“Hey, why are you whispering?” Chinen asked noting the looks Yabu, Inoo, and Hikaru were giving himself and Dai-chan while whispering amongst themselves.

“Nothing~” was Hikaru's happy response. Chinen could only open his mouth before their manager walked in and informed them that they needed to get on the bus to go to the on-location photo shoot. Chinen pouted puffing out his cheeks and got off Dai-chan's lap after Dai-chan gave him a quick squeeze.

Noticing the gesture more whispers occurred. Hikaru making a “See!” sort of action. Chinen glared at them, and Daiki just smiled pleasantly patting Chinen on the back as he walked out of the room. With a poisonous glare at the older members Chinen followed suit.

Later that day in the van Chinen pouted sitting next to Daiki on the window seat was Yama-chan. Looking at Yama-chan with a pout and big eyes the boy getting the look sighed and moved to the seat across the aisle with Ryutaro already wrapped up in playing his DS.

Smiling Chine sat next to Dai-chan by the window. Daiki turned and smiled at him, before turning to Yama-chan and continuing his conversation. His fingers moved silently to intertwine his fingers with Chinen's.

They arrived at the main building, it was already dark outside as the members dispersed saying their goodbyes and going their separate ways. The only two left were Dai-chan and Chinen. They smiled at one another holding each others hands. “Today was fun, sorry I couldn't spend a lot of time with you.” Daiki said in a gentle voice that brought a hint of color to Chinen's face.

“Well you could have spent more time with me.” came Chinen's bratty reply. He then smiled and got on his tippy toes giving Daiki a sweet peck on the lips.

A flash went off startling the pair apart. “I knew it!” came Hikaru's triumphant response. The rest of Jump was there with a mix of emotions on their faces.

“We tried to tell them no!” Came Yama-chan's almost desperate voice at the glare Chinen was giving him. Yuto and Keito nodded frantically beside him, trying to stop Chinen's wrath. Ryutaro who didn't know before hand just shrugged and smiled at the two.

“Dai-chan, how could you NOT tell us?!” Demanded Inoo, looking slightly hurt.

“Yeah! Didn't we use to tell each other everything?” Came Hikaru's voice. He glared slightly holding his camera protectively.

“Oh like you told everyone about you and Inoo-chan?” Daiki shot back smirking when his two “best friends” blushed and looked down away from everyone. All of 7 then turned and started at the two BEST members who were avoiding the curious looks at all costs.

Smirking Chinen sighed “Well now you know. Why don't we all go for some ice-cream?”

Yabu looked at everyone who smiled and nodded excitedly and sighed. “Alright, but everyone call home first!” he looked mostly at 7 saying this. He wasn't about to let his babies get in trouble just because they didn't call home and fill in their parents!

“Haha do what Mama says~” came Takaki's teasing voice as he noted to look of “awwww why?! Do we have to?!” on everyone's face. This earned him a glare and punch in the arm from Yabu.

The whole group burst out laughing and did as their were told. Daiki smiled as he pulled out his cell phone with one hand, his other firmly intertwined with Chinen's.
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