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Tittle: Is that hot or cold? Chapter two.

Authors:[ profile] aleena_mokoia [ profile] hikabu 

Pairings: Tegomass, Koyashige, Ryopi

Genre: Romance/Comedy

Rating: NC-17(Tegomass's fault!)

Summary: NEWS has been ordered to do a photo shoot where they wear swimwear, this ends in raging desires, lines to be crossed, and tears to be shed. (The summary sucks, story is good)

A/N: Again apologies for all the POV changes, originally this was an rp and there isn't really a way to fix it. Please enjoy bows)


Massu's POV

I giggle a bit at Tegoshi's reaction to me. It was embarrassing having everyone look at me that way, but i didn't mind so much with Tegoshi did it. We walked to where the director sat. He looked us up and down and then told us where to stand with the green screen. It was too cold to do this shoot outside, and it was for a magazine, so green screen was the way to go. Tegoshi and I began separate shots each taking turns drinking up the others body. then we were together and the heat and fire was easy to see through the pictures that came about. Then the director told us to try something cute. the two of us stared at each other 'cute' wasn't exactly on our minds even if it was what we were known for. I sighed and held Tegoshi close to me and let out my sweetest smile which was mirrored by Tegoshi. The director then gave us some props, and the hard work began.

Shige's POV

With Tegomass gone some of the tension left. Most in the room looked bored or red. I couldn't help my own red face as I looked at everyone but Koyama. I knew this wasn't a good thing, i was shy as is, and now we needed to get over the shyness, we were after Tegomass.

Gathering up my courage I looked at Koyama still red and smiled. We needed to do our jobs, and that meant i needed to let Koyama know it was okay. We grinned at each other after a moment, the awkwardness finally leaving me.

Ryo's POV

I sighed bored. Koyama and Shige seemed less awkward, and now we had a good hour before Yamapi and I had to do our shoot. I looked down and realized the outfit wasn't the best. I grabbed an open sweatshirt and placed it on leaving my chest exposed. I could feel eyes on me. I noticed Yamapi staring. I could feel myself getting self conscious so I threw a sweatshirt at him. I had to admit, he looked amazing. He was cold so his skin looked tingly and I felt the urge to touch. I scowled at my thoughts and looked away a blush on my face. Yamapi was so goofy and serious at the same time, it was hard to read him.

I wasn't sure why i felt so uneasy, it was like something told me today would be a strange day. I hoped it wouldn't be too bad, for everyone's sake.

Tegoshi's POV

For our first shot with props we were told to pretend to be playing volleyball at a beach, Massu got to hold onto the ball, looking like he was about to serve it while I posed with my arms up slightly, as if i was ready to hit the ball up in the air if it came to me. I had to admit, it made me really think about wanting summer to come sooner. Adding in the props was also helping with distracting us. For the next shoot we were handed surfboards, all Massu had to do was hold up the board and pose next to it, while I had to stand onto the board and try and balance myself, both of us flashing very sweet smiles at the camera. Though it was a little more work, with the repositioning and everything, posing with props helped keep us distracted and was pretty fun at the same time.

Handing the surfboards back, we start on our next props and we both seemed to be really getting into it, no longer feeling like we weren't in control, instead we were fully focused on the shoot.

Koyama's POV

Seeing that Shige was looking a little less awkward helped me with my own awkwardness as I grinned back at Shige. If we were going to be able to be in a shoot together we needed to get past feeling so shy towards the other, if that was possible. Normally we have no problem taking pictures together, but being shirtless and next to each other was a different story, not only that but it would be just the two of us so we had no one us that could be used as a distraction. Looking over at Ryo and Yamapi it didn't take me long to notice that Ryo seemed...embarrassed. Shaking my head, I begin to think that I was just seeing things but then Ryo throws Yamapi a sweatshirt, so i knew what I saw really happened, making me grin a little to see the usually all together Ryo act embarrassed even a little.

Hearing my stomach growl, I blush and rub the back of my head. I had skipped breakfast that morning and my stomach was letting me know just how hungry it was. I look over at Shige who laughed a little. "come with me to get a snack?" When Shige nods in agreement, we leave the room together, leaving Ryo and Yamapi alone in the room. I felt a little sorry for leaving Ryo alone but my stomach wasn't going to take no for an answer.

Yamapi's POV

Catching the sweatshirt, I took no time in putting it on, leaving it unbuttoned in the front. We were now alone in the room and it felt so quiet without the others there, at the same time it was nice to have it so peaceful, but at the same time it was a little awkward feeling in the room. Sucking on my bottom lip, I found that I was growing more bored as the minutes went by and i knew Ryo was just as bored as I was, maybe even more. Tapping my foot, I begin to hum koi no abo to myself, mostly since it was stuck in my head and that the room had become a little too quiet, even for me. We had an hour to go until our turn and it was looking like it was going to be a very long hour.

Massu's POV

I couldn't help but giggle as we were told we were done and to come look over the pictures. We both looked like we were having a lot of fun. I grinned at Tegoshi and suddenly found myself realizing that he was shirtless again. I felt myself groan as I realized that my swim trunks were slowly becomeing tighter. I blushed, unable to do anything till we were told to go. I could tell from the look on Tegoshi's face that he knew i was having issues, but from the looks of it I wasn't alone.

We finished up and were told to go find Koyama and Shige for their turn. We both walked hand and hand down the hallway. It wasn't long before we found them at the vending machine. I heard my stomach grumble and everyone laughed. I blushed and pulled my wallet out of my bag that I was carring with me. I looked at Tegoshi who grinned as I pushed in for something sweet for him to eat. "It's your guys turn." I told them. They thanked us before wishing us their farewells. We would all meet up for the group shoot in a few hours anyway.

Shige's POV

Koyama and I grin as we walk into the photo shoot. We were given the run down of what to do. Our shoot was to be goofy. Apparently the themes went cute: Tegomass Goofy:Koyashige Sexy:RyoPi we looked at each other with a grin as we got into our poses. Each of us laughing and making silly faces at the other. It was a fun shoot, I had to admit after a while I was sweating. I couldn't help but notice Koyama was overheating as well. I felt my face burn as I couldn't look away from his chest gleaming.

Koyama's stare made me finally look away. We were told to go get some props so I ran away, hoping Koyama would just drop it and not ask any questions. I gulped when I could hear him behind me. I was embarrassed at my own lust, and there was no way I was going to be able to tell that to Koyama.

Ryo's POV

I could barley hear what Yamapi was humming, when I did I saw an opportunity. "Really? Of all the songs you sing? You pick the song that gets stuck in every ones head?" I couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at him in question. I wasn't angry about my hair anymore, i was just bored, teasing Pi seemed like a very good option at the moment.

I grinned as Pi glared and I couldn't help but feel a twinge of need as my eyes trained down Yamapi's firm abs. I stopped myself, still grinning as I looked at Yamapi daring him to fight back. I had a feeling that if the fight got heated enough, something might happen. I growled at my thoughts and looked up to see a defiant and confused Pi. I choose to glare and say "Now you have it stuck in MY head!"

Tegoshi's POV

I giggled as Massu handed me my sugary snack and I take no time to open the package and bite into it, a smile of content reaching my face instantly. We had worked hard, and had fun doing it, even if we did have to have a lot of self control during the photo shoot. Finishing my snack, I wait for Massu to eat his. Poking my fingers together innocently, I look towards Massu "Ne, Massu, what should we do for the next few hours? We could always go see what Ryo and Yamapi are doing...or we could spend some time alone for a while?" I hinted, of course I knew it was no time to be thinking of these thoughts but who could blame me when I had to watch Massu shirtless during the whole photo shoot. I's a good thing both of us have self control, but even then, if it went on, I would of jump him.

I fiddle with the top of trunks, playing with a loose string, waiting for Massu to answer but waiting wasn't a strength of mine. "Dropping in on Ryo and Yamapi it is then." I raise my hand, a smile on my face and walk past Massu, true I didn't wait for an answer but I knew it myself, we weren't there to have fun, well that kind of fun, even if my body was telling me that I was holding it back.

Koyama's POV

Coming up from behind Shige, I thought about hugging him but I can't bring myself to do it. Instead, I'm too curious about the looks he was giving me during the photo shoot. I didn't quite understand them, and truthfully, I wanted to know what the stares was for. Walking around Shige, I kneel down to look through the props. "Shige, sure there's nothing wrong with my chest...I felt like you were staring at it a lot. Did I maybe gain weight? Do I look funny without a shirt on? You can tell me, its just bugging me to know why you've been staring at me a lot more than you usually do." I ask, without looking up, a few props in my hands. I was hoping those weren't the reasons why, I was sure I didn't gain weight but there was no other reason I could think of that Shige would stare.

Yamapi's POV

"So it seems I win then." I grin, though still a little confused at the looks I was getting. I stop humming, knowing the more I hummed the song, the more it would be stuck in my head. "I think any song from us would get stuck in our heads, I just chose the one that first came to my head. I guess I won if it got stuck in your head though." I tease, watching while Ryo glared. Yawning, I stretch my arms over my head and walk away from the wall and plop onto the couch and lean back. We still had some time before our shoot would start so sitting seemed to be the best choice than standing while waiting. I had to admit, I was bored. Glancing over at Ryo, I couldn't help but notice how attractive he really was, causing me to blush. looking away, I clear my throat and grab a magazine to read.

Flipping through it, I only blushes more when I realized I had gone straight to an article and gallery section for NEWS, more specifically on the page on Ryo. Blinking, it took me a few minutes to turn the page, hoping Ryo didn't catch it and land onto a page on Jin and his new solo career and start to read it. Jin was my best friend after all, and it beat having Ryo see my looking at his gallery.

Massu's POV

I feel my face heat up at Tegoshi's question. When he just walked away i felt sad. I ran and grabbed him and pulled him into an empty room in the studio. "Why would I pass up alone time with you?" my voice was rough and gruff and I could feel Tegoshi trembling underneath me as I pulled him into a heated kiss. I couldn't help but feel a bit relieved that I was getting to touch MY Tegoshi. I felt Tegoshi wrap his arms around me deeping the kiss. My hands wandered to cup Tegoshi's behind, giving a little squeeze I felt a twinge of satisfaction at the fact that I could get a reaction out of my boyfriend.

Shige's POV

I gulped at hearing Koyama's worried voice. I felt my face burning. "You look good. Maybe too good." I felt myself grow more embarrassed so I ran away to the stage where i would be safe from Koyama's questions. I didn't want to deal with what had just slipped out, not now not ever. I sighed as I got ready to put on a goofy face. I didn't want to act goofy, I wanted to hide. The director began to hurry Koyama so we continued the shoot, which i was grateful for. I wanted nothing more than for the embarrassment to stop.

Ryo's POV

I couldn't help the jealousy burning when I noticed Yamapi going from my section to Jin's. I wasn't in the mood to be nice. I then without thinking ripped the magazine away, got on top of Yamapi and kissed him hard. I couldn't take the teasing, the sexiness, the raw need. I needed to do something about it, so i stopped thinking. I gently bite down on Yamapi's lower lip hoping for entrance. My mind was a blur, I didn't really know what I was doing, all I knew is for the moment, I wasn't pushed away.

Tegoshi's POV:

I moan into the kiss, my face began to heat up and I could feel my legs begin to give out on me, luckily my boyfriend is strong and could easily hold onto my weight. We pull away for air, my breaths were heavy and I could feel my boyfriends hand still on my behind. I can't help but feel happy to get some alone time with Massu and that he was MY Massu. Sure, i had to share him with the fans but when we're alone, he's mine and no one else s, while I was his. Leaning up, I press my lips against Massu's neck and begin to kiss down it, knowing not to bite since we still had shoots to do and putting a mark on his neck would only result in questions and having to try to cover it up.

Moving away, I lean forward and kiss Massu, nibbling on his lip slightly for entrance which I was granted quickly, allowing our tongues to battle, of course Massu won, but I kind of liked it that way. I kept my arms wrapped loosely around him, my hands placed on his strong back

Koyama's POV

I couldn't help but blush at the words that just came out of Shige's mouth, I wasn't even sure I heard right, but the blush that soon came to Shige's face after saying it was telling me that what I heard was right. Shaking my head, I take the props with me, trying to calm down and get the color in my cheeks to dull down. I knew now wasn't the time to dwell on what Shige said, that would have to wait until after the shoot. As we began to use the props, it seemed like we both forgot the awkwardness we felt after my questioning and began laughing and posing with the props with no problems. Of course it was still on my mind, but making each other laugh helped me from thinking too much about it.

The next set of shoots were solo shots, and I was to go first. Posing for the camera, I give silly poses knowing that our shoot was that, suppose to be happy and comedic. Finishing up my solo shots, I move aside for Shige to get his done and I keep help but stare. I had feelings for my best friend, so of course the words he said made me happy but at the same time, very curious. If I had even a little chance of him feeling the same, I wanted to know.

Yamapi's POV

My mind went blank. All I know is that at one moment I was reading a article on Jin then as if out of no where, Ryo snatched away the magazine, got on top of me and was kissing me. The one we all thought was the straightest of us all, was now biting down on my lips, asking for entrance. My chest began to heat up along with my face, honestly, I didn't know how to react, all I know was that I was feeling really hot and that I didn't hate the feeling of Ryo being on top of me or the feel of the kiss. If I was thinking clearly, I would of pushed him away and tried to think things through rationally and find out what was bothering Ryo but logic was all but gone. I allow entrance and kiss back, if we were going to regret it, that would come later.

Massu's POV

I grin as we pull away for air. Our foreheads touching as I picked Tegoshi up and put him on the couch. I kissed him again getting on top of him. "I love you Yuya" I say before capturing his lips with mine again. It felt good to get some release, I was happy just to have Tegoshi all to myself, away from the prying eyes of everyone else.

I sighed as we continued to make-out. I was starting to feel the build up, I needed something more, I could feel something poking my leg so I knew I wasn't the only one. I slowly got up and moved so that I pulled Tegoshi's swim trunks down. He sprang to attention as my hand wrapped themselves around his member. I could see Tegoshi begin to moan and flush from the feelings. I let my mouth suck the tip my teeth grazing lightly over it making Tegoshi moan loudly. I couldn't help but feel a sense of accomplishment as I could feel Tegoshi's control loosening.

I couldn't take it anymore when Tegoshi called out my name, signalling a release was soon. I stopped my motions and pulled my own pants down. Tegoshi looked at me with half lidded eyes as he crawled over and began to suck away at my hard member. I moaned slightly as he let his saliva roll over the whole shaft. After he was sure that I was ready he moved so that he was face down, his bottom facing me. I couldn't control myself as I pulled Tegoshi onto me. I moaned as I felt myself enter.

I allowed Tegoshi a few moments to get use to the size, he was use to it by now, however the first time always is the hardest. I waited until Tegoshi began to push himself away and back telling me it was okay. I began to thrust, making sure to hit Tegoshi's sweet spot, with how riled we were today, I knew I wasn't going to last long. A few more minutes of well aimed thrusts and I can feel Tegoshi trembling with how close he was. I pushed a few more times in before hearing Tegoshi cry out my name. Just hearing that triggered my own orgasm. I felt myself fall on top of Tegoshi in exhaustion.

Shige's POV

I could feel Koyama's eyes on me through out my personal shots. I couldn't help feeling embarrassed at the stares. The director asked for a sexy pose and I did so. Feeling a bit of courage appear when i noticed Koyama's eyes at my actions. I shook my head and continued, I didn't need to get distracted anymore.

My shoot was done and we were told to leave. I ran away as fast as I could, hoping to avoid the questions I knew would appear soon from Koyama. I stopped at the vending machine grabbing a drink, when Koyama came up next to me. I could feel myself begin to sweat with worry.

Ryo's POV

Logic was far away as Yamapi and I battled for dominance, we couldn't seem to get a winner no matter what we did. I couldn't help but growl slightly when I felt Yamapi's arms travel up my back carefully. I could feel myself being turned on as I released the kiss and began to kiss down Yamapi's neck. I wasn't sure what I was doing, I couldn't stop. before Yamapi could regain his senses I kissed him again hard, moaning slightly as my hips moved and rubbed against his. We both could feel the passion between us. My hands wandered up and down Yamapi's chest pinching his nipples slightly while kissing him deeply.

Tegoshi's POV:

Curling up, cuddling close to Massu, I can still feel his warmth and I smile while listening to every beat of his heart. He always makes me feel complete and just knowing that his heart belongs to me and mine belongs to him is more than I can ever ask for. Knowing this makes everyday fulfilling, of course NewS itself is the world to me.

"Ne, Massu, do you think something will finally happen with Shig and Koyama?" I ask, propping my elbows on his chest. We all knew how Koyama felt for Shige, it was so obvious, except to maybe Shige himself.

Koyama's POV:

Shige was definitely acting strangely. Am I being too obvious? True, I did watch him more closely today than usual, but is it really that different than how I usually am around him? Who can blame me from being unable to take my eyes off him...who in my position, would turn away when the one they were in nothing but in swimming trunks.

"Shige, did I do something wrong?" I ask, only about a foot of distance was between the two of us. the scene of Shige posing sexy for the camera was still very fresh in my mind, my face heating up slightly from the image. I want to tell Shige, believe me, but what if it ruins our friendship. That was something I wasn't going to let happen.

Yamapi's POV:

I can feel the passion build up between us as I moaned into the kiss, I was feeling my control slowly melting away and knew I was giving into Ryo's skillful touch. Just when I feel like I would go crazy from the raw passion I was feeling, a knock could be heard at the door.

Through the closed door we can hear the staff tell us that it was our turn. Regaining my senses, I slowly push Ryo back and wait for him to get the hint to climb off my lap. Looking down, I blush deeply, knowing that if I didn't have a certain something taken care of and soon, the camera men and staff would be disgusted to see such a sorry state. Taking in a deep breath, I grab a towel and walk past Ryo and go into the bathroom, leaving the door unlocked. What was needed was a cold shower and fast. I hate to make others wait and to be late, but i have no choice this time. I turn on the shower, remove the shorts and climb in, jumping slightly at how cold it was, but I know its the only thing that would help at the moment.

Massu's POV

I sighed content to have Tegoshi in my arms. I had felt release and I was rather content to stay quiet, however with Tegoshi that was rarely ever the case. the question made me scrunch up my face in thought as I mentally thought about how the day was going, I had to admit something did seem off with them, and if i noticed then it had to be something with how oblivious I was!

"I'm not sure, but I think something will happen, they were acting weird, and even I noticed it. Though this is something they need to do on their own." I moved myself to look into Tegoshi's eyes, making sure he got the hint. He was not to interfere.

Shige's POV

I could feel my face heating up at the question. Koyama's voice told me just how upset he was and I couldn't bare it. "You didn't do anything wrong really." I couldn't help but mumble. I chanced a look at Koyama and regretted it. I could tell he wasn't taking my word on it. I felt myself grow embarrassed and angry. I wasn't the timid little boy anymore who debuted! I needed to show the world and Koyama that I didn't need to be babysat or babied just because I was the second youngest and a bit shy!

I took a deep breath my cheeks still flushed red and looked Koyama in the eye. "You really didn't do anything wrong, I'm fighting my own demons and desires." With that I quickly retreated to the dressing room, leaving Koyama behind. My courage had worn out and I couldn't help but want to run away.

Ryo's POV

I couldn't help but replay everything in my mind. With Pi gone to most likely relieve himself I focused on things that made me angry or grossed me out to take care of my "problem" I couldn't help but groan as my brain wouldn't leave the images of what just happened alone. In flashes I could see myself on top of Pi feeling him, kissing him. He kissed back, somewhere in my head a voice spoke. I didn't know what I had done or what I was doing.

Shaking my head I focused on fixing my problem. A few thoughts of a very fat Jin running around in a speedo did the trick, i winced as I remembered that Jin wasn't really fat or unattractive, but I pushed that to the side in favor of work. I decided it would be best if I left before Pi came back so I ventured to the photo shoot, alone and frustrated with myself.

I found myself wondering just what the rest of the day and shoot would be like. Fears came about of what would happen if Pi hated me now, what if he called Jin or Yu and got them to hate me as well. I scowled at the thoughts, but I couldn't help it. I winced as I heard the door open and Pi walk in.

Tegoshi's POV:

I know Massu is right, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. I huff and put a pout on my face, I hate losing and this time is no exception. Massu says to wait nd let them do it on their own, but it's already been a long time that they still haven't gone past just being best friends. I know it's not my place to interfere but in this case, I just want to play cupid...I want my friends to feel how Massu and I feel. I wiggle my elbows a little on Massu's chest, gaining a groan from him.

"What about just this one time? If it doesn't help, I promise to drop it. Pretty please, Massu?" I pout, trying to look cute, which isn't hard at all for me to pull off. One thing I do know is that I'm cute and that it isn't easy to say no to me, though Massu has found ways around that sometimes. I bounce a little, keeping the pout on my face.


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