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Tittle: Is that hot or cold? (Chapter one.)

Authors:[ profile] aleena_mokoia [ profile] hikabu 

Pairings: Tegomass, Koyashige, Ryopi

Genre: Romance/Comedy

Rating: p-13(this will go up!)

Summary: NEWS have an interesting day to say the least when a spring photoshoot turns hot and steamy with the swim ware they have to ware. Shige deals with Tegoshi's constant teasing, and Ryo deals with feelings he'd really rather not think about! (yeah summary sucks, but the story is good promise!)

A/N:  Trying out a NEWS story now. We apologize for the confusing POV. Hope you enjoy~


Massu's POV

It was pretty early when all of us arrived. We had about an hour before the shoot to get fully prepared. Into our outfits and done with our hair. I giggled at Tegoshi playing with his now much shorter hair. He had enjoyed the curls, but I liked his hair straight best. I smiled when he sauntered over to me on the couch and snuggled up to me. I grinned and wraped my arm around him. I could hear Shige groan from his place at the table with his pad and pen. He seemed to hate how affection Tegoshi and I were, but i didn't mind. I could hear Koyama giggle at how Shige was being. Looking around I saw the two serious ones doing their hair. Yamapi had the straightner going and Ryo was practicing his looks in the giant mirror of News dressing room

Shige's POV:

I groaned again as Tegoshi leaned over and gave Massu a sweet kiss, at least that's what they wanted everyone to think. I was the only one who saw the little bites that Tego would give Massu, just to make the older man flustered and bothered. I was glad they were together, I just wish they had a bit more restraint. I sighed as Koyama wraped his arms around me and giggled. I felt my stomach fill with butterflys as I noted that I felt safe and warm in Koyama's arms. I could HEAR Tegoshi's smirk as I hurridly pulled away from Koyama who pouted at me. I felt my face heat up and I cursed Tegoshi in my brain for making it so that face got directed at me.

I sighed and smiled sheepishly at Koyama, who decided I was adorable and hugged me again before running over to the minifridge for another energy drink (something he didn't need i might add). I looked down at the blank page, i was doomed to not think of anything good today it would seem.

Ryo's POV

Watching myself in the mirror I couldn't help but smirk. Out of all of NEWS I had the roughest image, and the straightest I added mentally. I had to keep that view up. Once i was satisfied that i could pull off my look I turned around to find Tegonyan torturing Massu who looked like he wanted to jump Tegoshi or run away, Shige shaking his head as Koyama talked his ear off after having his third energy drink sinc they had arrived an hour earlier.

I couldn't help but let my gaze drift over to Yamapi who had just finished straightening his hair. I couldn't help but feel my heart flutter. To disguise this I scowled trying to not admire just how handsome and sexy Pi was.

I was bored, I wanted something to do. "Hey Tego, leave Massu alone, no one hear wants to see you and your boyfriend go at it!" I snapped at Tegoshi glaring slightly. I knew Tegoshi would know that I wasn't saying it to be mean, still I could see the saddness in his face and Massu looking rather worried. I sighed a bit, well this would be a long day.


Tegoshi's POV

I begin to pout, sure I knew that Ryo hadn't meant for it to be mean, but still, it was the tone in his voice that I didn't like. We all knew Ryo was like that, we accepted it. It's part of what makes Ryo well Ryo. I latch myself to Massu's arm and points my index finger at Ryo, "Ryo is being a meanie" I pout, of course I wasn't that upset, but I did like when Massu was so protective, like my own personal prince in shining armor, of course making me his hime which I might add fit me just fine. I smile triumphantly when Yamapi bopped Ryo on the head and heard him say "Be nice", scolding Ryo slightly before going back to looking over his hair, making sure he didn't miss a spot. Giggling, I hug Massu's arm even more and lean up and kiss his cheek and look back over at Ryo and grin innocently.

Koyama's POV

Feeling energized and like I could go on for hours without needing any rest, I couldn't help but want to talk on and on, and who better to talk to but my best friend Shige. I needed some way to burn off all this energy but the photo shoot still hadn't started yet and even if I wanted to keep quiet, I just couldn't sit still and talking distracted me. "I wonder what theme they'll have us do this time for the photo shoot, since it's nearing spring maybe it will be springlike or swim wear. Speaking about swim wear, I can't wait for the weather to get nice so we could all go to the beach, oh and eat tons of ice cream. Ne, you think we'll get time off to all go to the beach once summer hits?" I can tell by Shige's face that I had lost him long ago and he wasn't the only one staring.

Rubbing the back of my head I laugh a little and notice how cute Shige looked with the frustrated look on his face while he was trying to think of something write. I just couldn't help but give him another hug. I could hear Tegoshi giggling in the background, making kissy noises. Blushing, I pull away to find an equally embarrassed Shige, which made him look even cuter at the moment.

Yamapi's POV

After scolding Ryo, I go back to looking over my hair and once I saw that I hadn't miss a single hair, I set the hair straightener now and lean against the wall next to where I was standing. We still had a little bit of a wait, and everyone including myself, looked bored. True, relaxing a little wasn't a bad thing but it was still morning and for the last few days we haven't had much to do for the band. I'm not working on any dramas recently so I don't have that, though my solo album has kept me busy enough, so maybe I'm not quite as bored as everyone else.

Turning my head slightly, I find that Ryo was staring at me, of course I knew why. I had just bopped him on the head, messing up his hair he had just fixed and also scolded him for teasing Tegoshi. Clicking my tongue, I choose to instead look away, after all, Ryo was just as bad as myself when it came to making sure my hair was neat and I had just messed his up.

Massu's POV

I grinned at Ryo turning back and using the straightener for himself. I felt it served him right, I pulled Tegoshi to me and giggled as he let out a please noise. I looked over at Koyama and Shige who were still looking flushed. Koyama had now ended his 182mph speech about nothing, and was now quiet as a mouse. I couldn't help but grin as Tegoshi giggled nuzzled up against my neck. I felt myself take a sharp breath when Tegoshi murmured that Koyashige was cute and his breath went over one of the sweet spots on my neck.

I blushed as I could feel the satisfaction Shige felt that I was having a hard time as well. I glared at him playfully, wondering for myself just what we were going to be doing at this photo shoot

Shige's POV

I couldn't help feeling a twinge of satisfaction that Ryo got scolded. Though I felt bad, it happened because of how evil Tegomass could be, particularly Tego. He was cute, and the world let him get away with murder because of it. I sighed, envious of the baby of the group. He had a boyfriend who loved him, got babied by everyone, and had an amazing voice. I shook my head and focused on Koyama who had started up talking again, still wondering what sort of shoot we would do. I hoped that it would be spring, personally, I wasn't very confident about swim ware. I also felt myself blush as part of me hoped swim ware. After all i was paired with Koyama, and then i could see that creamy white fle- I shook my head wildly earning a strange stare from Koyama

I felt myself blush crimson and I could hear Tegoshi and Massu giggleing cuddled up on the couch. I looked away and caught sight of Yamapi smirking, enjoying my embarrassment as well.

Ryo's POV

I glared at my reflection. I had finally re-fixed my look and through the mirror i could see Shige's embarrassment. "what were you just thinking?" I teased. I sent a death glare that promised much pain if Yamapi hit my hair again before returning back to the blushing young man. Koyama looked confused. Tegoshi and Massu were giggling, and Yamapi was staring at me wondering if punishing me was worth having me pissed for the day when we were paired up.

I tilted my head to the side for a moment. "Now that I think about it, shouldn't our clothes be here by now? We only have another half hour before Tegomass leaves for their separate shoot." I looked around the dressing room in search of the outfits. I found nothing.

We all began to panic until someone came into the room, they pronounced cheerfully that they had our outfits as they handed us each what we would wear.

Tegoshi's POV

I couldn't help but grin when I was handed a pair of dark pink swimming trunks that had a pretty black design on them. Koyama's guess was right on the money, and looking over at Shige, I knew how he would look: flustered. Koyama looked confused at the look, at the same time he looked quite amused that he had guessed right on what type of shoot we would have to do. It was spring time so not that far off from summer, but still the weather wasn't as warm as you'd like it to be wearing swim wear. "Ne, Massu, don't you think these trunks are cute? I wonder if they'll let me keep them." I was quite content with my trunks, so much so that I just had to put them on right away, warm enough or not.

Leaning up on my tippy toes, I kiss Massu before skidding across the floor to the attached bathroom and close to door behind me. I made quick work with my cloths, setting them down on the counter by the sink and put the trunks on just as quickly. Leaving the bathroom, I skip over to Massu and hug his arm, my bare chest rubbing against it. "Ne, Koyama, I think you should change next." I grin when I saw Shige flush and sent a semi glare my way. I found Koyashige to be so cute. I would tease Ryo and Yamapi, but that wasn't quite as fun, plus Ryo was already in bad mood from Yamapi messing with his hair, so instead I stick with the safer: Shige.

Koyama's POV

In my hands were black trunks with a trace of purple design throughout them, somehow it didn't surprise me that I was right about the shoot. It was spring so it was close enough to summer, the only thing that posed a problem was: would the photo shoot room be warm or chilly? Whenever I was filled with energy drink so many thoughts came to my hand that I couldn't find a place to keep them all and struggled to keep it all inside, which only resulted in me ranting and confusing everyone, but it can't be helped. Seeing no one else step up to get changed and not wanting to leave Tegoshi alone with being the only one in the trunks, I head for the bathroom and close the door, though as I'm changing the look on Shige's face still made me wonder. I wonder had Shge so embarrassed? I thought to myself Changing into the trunks, I return to the others, having left my cloths in a pile next to Tegoshi's, and return to my spot next to Shige who for some reason refused to look at me. "Do I really look that bad shirtless?" I pouted slightly. I knew I didn't look as good as Tegoshi did in swimming trunks but it did make me feel a little more self conscious that Shige, my best friend, couldn't look at me in them.

Yamapi's POV

Though I wished the weather was a little nicer to be wearing swimwear, I just shrug it off, it wasn't like it was the first time we had to wear so little in not so warm weather. Glancing once more at Ryo, I saw him give me a look and knew he could still just as well get me back for messing with his hair. Taking that as my cue, I slip away from the group, mainly from Ryo and his 'your going to get it' look and go into the bathroom and change into my trunks, which were red and black. Sitting my cloths in a separate pile from Tegoshi and Koyama's, I return to the others and fold my arms over my bare chest, slightly cold, and though I would of waited until the shoot time was a little sooner, seeing Koyama and Tegoshi so prepared made me want to be ready as well.

"If we can go through this with no problem, we can take on anything they throw at us." I say mostly to myself and lean back against the wall again, my arms now raised and my hands were behind my head.

Massu's POV

I could feel the heat in my cheeks as I felt Tegoshi's bare skin against my arm. I felt myself wishing Yamapi would hurry so I myself could ge changed. I was rather warm blooded, so i wasn't that cold even in swimwear. I grinned at my own trunks with where yellow with a black design. I couldn't help but yelp with Tegoshi snuggling to me. I had to hold back, I was sure the others wouldn't appreciate Tegoshi and I fornicating right in front of them. Tegoshi didn't seem to mind that he was tormenting me though, the little devil. I choose to focus on the Koyashige pair, who seemed to be having a minor issue. Catching my train of thought Tegoshi stopped teasing and instead focused on watching the two best friends. Shige was bright red and looked like he was going to cry almost. I felt a little bad for him.

Shige's POV

I couldn't help feeling helpless. I barley could speak, Koyama wanted to know what i thought about him in his trunks, and I couldn't really think straight. I looked to the ground and sighed "You look good. Really good." I mumbled. I knew Koyama had heard me. I could feel him getting happy and excited again, but i felt like i should crawl into a hole with my computer and stay there. I looked up as Yamapi returned and Massu left in a dash.

I wasn't surprised Massu wanted to leave with Tegoshi teasing him, of course when Massu came out and stood a distance away from Tegoshi, I knew Tegoshi would be the one gulping and holding back. No one could argue that out of all of NEWS Massu had the best body. He was such a shy sweet person, but his body was strong.

Ryo's POV

I huffed a bit, deciding to get over the hair mess up, for now. I couldn't help but feel i had missed something, what with Koyama beaming and Shige tomato red up to his ears. I looked over at Tegoshi who was pouting because Massu left, and i presumed he was having fun.

I looked over at Yamapi, he looked a bit cold, but fine otherwise. I noted that he looked very nice in his colors. We all would, Shige was in green, Massu in yellow, I had black with blue, Tegoshi was purple/pink with black, and Koyama was black and purple. All the colors we normally were given if we had a color scheme.

I felt bored all of a sudden. Everyone was quiet for a moment, even Koyama who was looking at Shige perplexed at his actions of still not looking at him. Tegoshi was pouting (serves him right) and Yamapi was spacing out. Massu came out and Tegoshi was all but drooling. Shige took his shot and ran into the bathroom to change as everyone's eyes turned to Massu, who was blushing under the stares

Tegoshi's POV

Seeing Massu, I could all but struggle to hold myself back. There was no denying it, out of everyone in NEWS, 'my' Massu had the best body, it was strong and well proportioned. Looking down at my own chest, it paled in comparison, not only that but I had very little muscle to me. Looking back up I turn my attention away from Massu, knowing the more I stared the more I would want to jump him so I choose to look over at Yamapi who in my opinion had the second best body in the group. Though it wasn't as strong looking as Massu's, there was still muscle and he was looking rather sexy, not that I would admit that out loud, still I preferred Massu's body, his being perfect in my eyes. Turning my head, I find Koyama looking rather happy that Shige had complemented him.

Koyama's chest was similar to Yamapi's, though his complexion was slightly different, and he's a little more built than Yamapi. The only two that had yet to change was Shige who was still in the bathroom and Ryo. Turning my attention back to Massu, I was finding it hard once again to hold myself back so instead I bite down on my lip and pout a little. I wanted so much to hug Massu and flower him with kisses...and more...but we weren't there for that so I have to try and behave myself, even if it's really hard with seeing Massu shirtless.

Koyama's POV

Grinning from ear to ear, I couldn't help but feel happy that Shige didn't think I looked bad shirtless. Of course I didn't compare to Massu, but still, it was enough to hear Shige say that I looked really good that helped me feel a little more confident. I find myself watching the bathroom door, excited to see how Shige would look in his swimming trunks and I gulp when Shige finally came out, he looked so good. At the moment I was sure that my face had to be pretty red but I couldn't help it, Shige just looked so good in his trunks and in green.

Though I wanted to tell him, my voice got stuck in my throat. It was no secret that I had a crush on my best friend, everyone knew all except for Shige himself. I was beginning to regret guessing that we'd wear swimwear, for I was beginning to see the danger in having all of us shirtless. For Tegomass, for obvious reasons, and for me, well...I don't know how I'll be able to hide that I'm staring at Shige and can't utter a word of sense to him with him being shirtless which was a total turn around since thus far I haven't been able to shut up. Gulping and taking in a breath I finally get out "Looks good" giving him a thumbs up

Yamapi's POV

Just as Shige returned, I watched as Ryo headed to the bathroom to get changed. Seeing the mixed reactions, I'm beginning to wonder if it was such a good idea for us to be doing a swimwear shoot. Tegomass was paired and that in itself told how long the shoot would take for them, mainly from struggling to hold back, though in the end I know they'll be able to get it together and have a perfect shoot since they had great chemistry with each other. In koyashige's case, they had to get pass the embarrassment of seeing each other shirtless, and in my own, well it was hoping that Ryo had forgotten about what I did to his hair, especially since he looked like he was bored.

My head turns when I hear the bathroom door swing open and out walks Ryo as he sauntered his way back to where he was standing by me, and I feel my face heat up slightly. There was denying that Ryo was attractive, and seeing him shirtless only proved it even more. I would be lying it I said that I didn't feel attracted to Ryo but I would never say it out loud or it would go to his head. Lowering my arms from behind my hand, i rest the palm of my hands on the wall behind me. The room seemed oddly...awkward at the moment until another staff member came in and dragged out the Tegomass pair for their photo shoot, leaving the koyashige pair, myself and Ryo in the room.


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