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Title: Nothing to do but smile
Author: [ profile] aleena_mokoia 
Pairings: Yamachii, Tadaiki, Hikabu, Okajima, slight one sided Daichii
Rating: PG-13 ( for violence and minor smutyish things.)
Summary: Chinen learns that good comes out of bad, and that all you can do is smile.


It was early morning when all the members joining in the Jump dressing room. They were to do a photo shoot in a few hours, but majority agreed to arrive early just in case things went wrong. The boys all seemed to be in their own little worlds comfortable with their surrounding.

                Hikaru was snuggled up to Yabu on the couch. Yabu was looking over the agenda for the day and attempting not to fall asleep against the warmth that was his boyfriend. Daiki was zombing about not fully awake and running into things. Yuya was following Daiki around and helping his boyfriend when ever he walked into something. Yuto and Keito were having their own air concert, with Yuto on drums and Keito on guitar. Inoo was studding away looking ready to fall asleep at any moment. Ryutaro was playing his DS happily enjoying the latest game. Lastly Ryosuke Yamada was eating an entire carton of strawberries with a worried look on his face.

                Only one member was missing from the group. The young acrobat Yuri Chinen was not there. Daiki walked into a chair and fell only to be caught by his boyfriend Yuya who smiled and hugged him. Daiki after that was happily awake, and then he looked around and frowned.

                “Ne……where is Chi?” He looked around as if expecting the young boy to pop out at his name. “He mailed me earlier saying he was on his way and to hurry. That was about a half hour ago.” Daiki frowned missing his adorable younger friend.

                Yuya frowned. Sure he was worried about Chinen not being there, but what worried him more was his boyfriends concern. Sure Chinen was a flirt, but Daiki and he had always seemed to have a special relationship. This was often a worry of Yuya’s that he would loose his boyfriend to Chinen. Daiki seemed to notice Yuya’s frown and pulled Yuya into a hug.

                Suddenly the door opened and in walked the person in question. Sniffling from crying. This alarmed everyone. They all stopped living in their own world and began to live in reality. “What happened?” Yabu asked. Traumatized that one of his “children” was upset and he didn’t know why.

                Chi shook his head and walked over to a chair. He sat down and continued to cry. The other members all followed each taking their own seat and looking at the young one in worry. “Chi?” Ryosuke asked his voice breaking.

                Chi turned to stare at Ryosuke with the most sad puppy dog eyes anyone had ever seen. If it was possible you could hear every single member’s heart break at the sight. Daiki got up from his seat and opened his arms. Chi stared at him almost afraid before he ran and began violently sobbing in the older boy’s arms.

                “Chinen what happened?” asked Daiki with a soothing voice. Yuya smiled at how sweet his boyfriend was. Ryosuke stared wide eyes at the crying boy. He had never seen Chi this upset before, and the look he had just seen was one of the saddest things he’d ever seen. Chi sobbed into Daiki’s embrace not saying a word till his tears were done.

By that time ten minutes had passed and everyone was silent awaiting the story of the tears that they hoped would come. Chi sniffled hugging Daiki as close to him as possible burring himself into the older boy. “Y-you guys…someone was following me with a bunch of camera’s the whole way and I-I tried to loose them but when I did I ran into these older boys who all pushed me around saying that I was a p-pretty boy actor that didn’t belong in the presence of normal people.” Chi sniffed, it wasn’t uncommon for the boys to be followed or to have people not understand that they too were people that were normal. However the crying boy wasn’t done yet. “When I tried to run away from them one of them hit me in the gut…I tried to fight back, but they all ganged up on me at once. I was scared, and I started crying and they all laughed saying that I didn’t deserve to live.” Chi began to sob again his hands moving to his stomach.

The members around the room stared for a moment each noticing what they hadn’t before. Chinen had several bruises and his knees where stained red from blood. “I know that I shouldn’t be so shaken by it, but they nearly hit me more when some nice lady yelled for them to be quiet and the boys ran” Chi sniffled trying to stop himself from crying more. Every member looked at each other. All the boys agreed that the boys who made their Chi cry were gonna pay.

Hikaru punched the wall in annoyance; just thinking about someone beating up his friend like that was enough to push him to the edge. The others watched each agreeing with Hikaru’s rage but not physically showing it. “Come on Chi; let’s get you cleaned up a bit okay?” Daiki asked. The boy nodded as the two left the room.

With only eight remaining the boys all sighed. They knew they could do nothing, if word got out that members of Johnny’s beat up some boys their careers were over. They all glared at nothing for a moment, each realizing this. “I wish we could do something…” Keito spoke out loud to no one in particular.

All of them agreed thinking the English boy was right. They all felt protective of each other in the highest sense. Chi and Daiki came back moments later Chinen looking slightly better and Daiki following him like a doting mother. Yuya having enough of his boyfriend being stolen from him pulled Daiki into a hug and a quick kiss staking his claim before the younger boy.

Chinen almost smiled at the sight. Sure he could admit having a crush on Dai-chan; however he was happy for Yuyan and Dai-chan and accepted it. Chinen then felt a familiar feeling of someone hugging him. He sighed as he knew who it was. “Yama-chan….thanks for worrying” Chinen smiled knowing the other boy was the most worried out of them all.

“I never want them to hurt you again...” Ryosuke Yamada affectionately known as Yama-chan burrowed his head into Chinen’s hair hiding his own tears. Chinen almost sighed at his friend.

“Ne~Chi are you gonna be okay?” Yuto asked Keito coming over to Yuto to join in the worry fest. Chinen nodded his head slowly letting Yama-chan continue to get emotional.

                Normally under these circumstances no one would shed a tear because it’s embarrassing, but this time all understood. One of their own was hurt, and they couldn’t do anything about it. Yabu sighed and picked up the agenda “Alright we have a somewhat busy day. We have a photo-shoot and then a bit of dance practice, before ending the day with being on Shonen club.” Yabu stated. The looks he got made his heart break.

                Everyone agreed work had to be done, but none of them really wanted to anymore. Chinen was the first to move going over to the mirror and inspecting his face. He frowned thinking about how he was going to be scolded when they all saw his face. “Don’t worry, this is suppose to be a grunge shoot, we’re suppose to look messed up according to this.” Chinen turned to Daiki who was standing their grinning at him. Chinen felt his heart flutter for a moment before Yuya came over and wrapped his arms possessively around the younger boy.

                Chinen smiled and nodded. If he was upset he would cause everyone else to be too. With that in mine he took in a deep breath and decided to let it go and smile. He knew nothing could be done about what happened today, so he was just going to have to be more careful on his way home today.

                The day went by fast as the boys slowly got over the trauma from this morning. Soon they were all laughing and joking and enjoying their work. Time came for everyone to leave and most paired off. Chinen sighed wishing he didn’t live in the other direction of everyone else. Suddenly he heard someone running at him. He looked up to see and out of breath Yama-chan.

                “I’ll walk you home.” He said through breaths with a small smile on his face. Chinen sighed in a bit of relief before nodding happily at the idea. “No one wants you to have to walk alone tonight” He said looking at Chinen for a moment.

                Chinen wasn’t sure why, but the fact that it wasn’t just Yama-chan made him a bit sad. He then shook his head and in turn the thoughts, before smiling at Yama-chan. “Alright, thank you Yama-chan” He then proceeded to grab Yama-chan’s hand and drag him the way home.

                They talked and laughed at as the twenty minute walk and train ride went by all too fast. Soon they both found that they were at Chinen’s house. Yama-chan kept his hold on Chinen’s hand as they walked up to the front step. Yama-chan then gulped and squeezed Chinen’s hand causing the boy to turn around instead of turn the knob.

                In that one sweet moment Yama-chan leaned down and quickly kissed Chinen. He was about to turn away when Chinen brought him closer deepening the kiss. A few moment’s later they needed to come up for air. Both were smiling. “Ryosuke, want to come inside and spent the night? I don’t want you walking home alone either.” Chinen smiled a small silly grin appearing on his face.

                Yama-chan smiled and nodded his head agreeing. “Wait, Yuri, will you go out with me?” Yama-chan needed to make it official.

                Giggling Chinen brought Yama-chan inside, yelled a hello and explained Yama-chan staying over to his parents before dragging Yama-chan to his room. Once inside he stared at the now worried looking boy. Wrapping his arms around Yama-chan he smiled “Of course Ryosuke.” He then pulled Yama-chan into a heated kiss.

                Somehow they both landed on Chinen’s bed with Yama-chan switching their positions so that he was on top. Both hungrily kissed each other as their hands roamed up and down their bodies occasionally causing the boys to moan. Chinen then lifted Yama-chan’s shirt off of him while Yama-chan set to work on the buttons on Chinen’s shirt. Neither broke the kiss for more than a few moments.

                Soon they were both shirtless making out on Chinen’s bed. Yama-chan broke the kiss and stared down at the shirtless boy he saw everyday. His skin looked pale and white in the little lighting in the room. His eyes were filled with lust and he proceeded to kiss Chinen’s neck and collar bone. The younger boy squirmed and moaned at Yama-chan’s touch. “R-ryosuke.” Chinen’s words brought back a sense of reality to the two.

                Yama-chan responded to jump off of Chinen a small look of panic in his eyes. “Chii I’m sorry, I-“ He was cut off as Chinen got up from his bed and wrapped his arms around Yama-chan.

                “It’s okay, just too fast.” Chinen responded looking up at Yama-chan. Who then leaned down for the sweetest kiss of the night. The both pulled away breathless and agreed to take things a little slower.

                Soon they were both cuddled up in Chinen’s bed drifting off to sleep. “Good night Ryosuke, I love you” a sleepy Chinen said and he fell asleep in the warm embrace that was his boyfriend.

                Yama-chan’s eyes widened at the words. He could hear the boys even breathing and knew he was already asleep. “ I love you too, Yuri” he then kisses the top of Chinen’s head before curling up to fall asleep in the nice warmth of the bed.

                The next morning both boys phones were going off. They both groggily got up and picked them up. Only to hear a worried Dai-chan on Chinen’s phone; and a very worried Yabumama on Yama-chan’s cell. They both looked at the small digital clock next to Chinen’s bed and let out a little epp. They were supposed to be at the studio an hour ago.

                Apologizing quickly the boys hurriedly got into their clothes, with Yama-chan using some clothes he had forgotten at Chinen’s house a while ago. They rushed out the door and in record time ran to the studio.

                They arrived out of breath at the dressing room where all eyes turned to look at the two boys. Neither said a word as Yama-chan sat down on one of the couches trying to catch his breath. Chinen then promptly sat down on top of Yama-chan and snuggled into him. “Hmmm? What happened with you two?” Daiki grinned. He had known of Yama-chan’s crush for a long time and felt giddy at the thought that two of his closest friends were finally together.

                Instead of and answer Chinen choose to grin and then quickly kiss Yama-chan on the lips. A smile spread across the remaining 8 members as they all looked at each other. I suppose some good did come from Chinen’s run in with those stupid boys after all. They all thought, each happy for the new couple.



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