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Title: Finding Love part 1
Authors: [ profile] aleena_mokoia  and [ profile] hikabu 
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Hey Say Jump
Parings: Daichii, Okajima, Hikabu, Takayama, Inootaro(Keitaro?), mentioned Akame
A/N: I apologize for the confusing POV changes, this was orginally a RP that we did, but we wanted to see how it would do as a fic. We're both new at this so please forgive us for many mistakes! *bows*


Daiki’s POV


I looked around the dressing room for a moment; Chii was happily using me as a chair and chatting away happily with Yama-chan about some new drama Ohno was in. It made me blush to have the small boy on my lap, but his focus on Yama-chan made me a bit jealous. I turned and looked about the room the Okajima pair was having an air concert with Inoo-chan. Yuto was on drums, Keito was on guitar, and Inoo-chan was on keyboard. Yabumama was sitting at the table working on the next concert for Jump. Ryutaro was munching on some chips while playing his latest DS game. Yuya had disappeared about ten minutes ago saying something about showing something to a few of the KAT-TUN members. The only one missing was the clown like Hikaru.

          I momentarily wondered where the clown had gone off to when I felt Chii squirm on my lap. My blush returned as I saw Chii look at me with those big brown eyes worried. I smiled and he cautiously returned to talk to an equally concerned Yama-chan.


Chii’s POV


I can’t help but worry when I see Dai-chan look concerned, but what could it be about? I looked back over at Yama-chan who in return looked just as concerned as I did. I glanced once more at Dai-chan, but only see a smile and what looked like a blush on his face. I wonder why that is but shrug it off since the room was a little chilly. It wasn’t strange for someone’s cheeks to be a little red with it being winter.

          Yuto, Keito, and Inoo-chan stopped their air concert laughing and all hovered around Yabumama, and it was then that I realized Hikapapa was missing. Could that be what’s concerning Dai-chan? Why does his concern for Hikapapa make me so jealous? I looked up at Dai-chan and poke his cheek.

          “Dai-chan what’s the matter?” I ask tilting my head to the side hoping to look cute.


Dai-chan’s POV


          “Oh I just was wondering where that clown Hikaru went to. It’s weird not having him around.” I sigh wondering what was going on as I see Yama-chan and Ryutaro joining the group surrounding Yabumama.

          I noticed that all that was left was Chii and I away from Yabumama, feeling myself get nervous at the thought. Suddenly a burst of laughter and a group awwww caused me to stare at the group.

          The group seemed to be dying laughing and Yabumama seemed flustered and attempted to grab something from Yuto who was red from laughter. “Give it back Yuto!” Yabu commanded his cheeks still red. I could see a small book in Yuto’s hands.

          “Why? You and Hikaru were so kawaii!” Yuto grinned continuing his game of keep away.

          On closer inspection it was revealed that what was in Yuto’s hand was an old photo album that belonged to Yabu.


Hikaru’s POV

          I cover my mouth as another yawn comes around and rub my eyes trying to wake myself. Then I heard laughter and became fully awake. I wonder what could have everyone laughing so hard, so I follow the noise. I find a crowd swarmed around Yabu, which consisted of Yama-chan, Inoo-chan, Ryutaro, Keito, and Yuto. On further inspection I find Dai-chan sitting away from the crowd with a very pleased Chii on his lap.

          “What did I miss?” I ask curiously.

          “Hmmmm….Dai-chan, think I should tell him or wait for the rest of the group to huddle around Hikapapa?” Chii responds putting a finger on his chin and tilting it cutely.

          Now I really want to know so instead of waiting for them to answer I head to the others and find Yabu blushing. Why is Yabu blushing? I wonder.


Yabu’s POV


          I felt my face hot as I finally retrieve the photo album. Of all the pictures in the album Yuto just had to open the one where Hika had kissed his cheek when they were still in Ya Ya Yah after a stage performance.

          I looked up to see Hika staring at me with a questioning gaze. “They found an old picture of you and I” I explained glaring at the others who take the hint and disperse around the room. My cheeks remain flushed as I put the album down on the table and continue going over the plan for the next concert line-up.


Dai-chan’s POV


          I smile seeing Yabumama all flustered, I can’t help but grin at the two. I find myself staring at the Okajima pair. Keito had taken Yuto’s hand and was now quietly playing with his fingers. I felt myself growing a bit jealous of the cute new couple.

          Yama-chan returned to where Chii and I were laughing. “That was funny.” Yama-chan stated before being dragged away by Ryutaro and Inoo-chan to do their photo shoot.

          I find gaze returning to the Okajima pair once again who were exchanging little glances and smiles. I can’t help but look at Chii with a blush on my face for a moment before refocusing on the floor.


Hika’s POV

          I notice the photo album sitting on the table but ignore it for a moment to walk over to where Yabu was sitting to sit down next to him. I glance over at the album once more, it was like it was calling to me. Almost as if it was saying ‘Hika, come on Hika, you know you want to look!’ but it seemed to embarrass Yabu, so would it really be ok?

          While I agonize over whether or not if I should take a peek, I looked up to see a concerned Yabu staring at me, causing a light blush to appear across my fac. “It looks like we have a little wait to go for it to be our turn for the photo shoot…need any help with the line-up?” I ask attempting to get my attention off of the photo album. If I didn’t find something to distract me fast I was going to grab that album and make a run for it.


Keito’s POV

          I grab Yuto’s hand gently and pull him along, leaving the room, knowing that it would be nice to leave Hikapapa and Yabumama alone. Along with Dai-chan and Chii. My excuse was that I was hungry, which was true but at the same time I just wanted to be alone with Yuto.

          I wonder if I’m pulling too hard or going to fast so I slow down my pace until we’re walking side by side, still holding hands. “Where would you like to go to eat?” I ask smiling gently.


Yuto’s POV

          I look over at Keito with a shy grin on my face. “Why not at that Café downstairs, I can get something sweet and warm, and you can get tea?” I ask thinking how nice it was just being with Keito.


Chii’s POV

          I look up to find Dai-chan blushing, again. I can’t help but find it kind of cute. At the thought, I find myself blushing and looking down at my lap. It’s only Dai-chan, myself, and Yabumama and Hikapapa left in the dressing room. I find myself hoping that the other two stay in here, I’m feeling a little nervous for some reason, though comfy at the same time, and very warm.


Yuyan’s POV

          I left the KAT-TUN room smiling, the older boys never fail to make me laugh. I walk to the door of the dressing room and see only Hikaru, Yabu, Dai-chan and Chii. I choose to walk away and wander till it was time for my photo shoot with Hika and Yabu. I secretly found myself hoping to find Yama-chan, my secret crush surfacing a bit.


Yabu’s POV

          I sighed looking over the papers in my hands. “Sure, you can help. Though I’m not sure what you can do.” I said showing Hikaru what I had so far which was pretty basic. “I want this concert to be special, to have something new. I mean it’s our third year since we debuted.” I told him trying to express my feelings.


Dai-chan’s POV

          I smiled watching the parenting pair talk about the upcoming winter concert. I then suddenly realize that Chii and I are alone and that Chii is still on my lap squirming a bit. I blush and command my body to remain calm, which wasn’t easy since Chii kept moving around on my lap.

          “Why so squirmy Chii?” I asked in a teasing voice hoping to not show my blush and keep my body from reacting. I poke Chi in the cheek thinking how adorable he is sometimes.


Keito’s POV

          “That sounds good to me, plus that means we don’t have to go outside in the cold seeing as we forgot our coats.” I keep walking with Yuto to the café hand in hand. Reluctantly I release his hand so I can look at the large menu above the counter and order a light blush on my face as I tell the counter lady what I want.


Yama-chan’s POV

          After being dragged to the photo shoot by Inoo-chan and Ryutaro, I find that it was kind of fun not having to walk to the room and secretly wishing that could happen for all the shoots. I change quickly into my costume and wait for the other two to finish up. Being a little bored I find myself fiddling with a pencil twirling in m hands my mind wandering to a certain member of the band who was most likely still with KAT-TUN showing off his new jacket.


Inoo-chan’s POV

          I begin to change into my outfit, glancing every so often over at Ryutaro and look away quickly before the younger boy can notice, my face feeling hot suddenly at the thought swirling in my head as I see Ryutaro changing his shirt. I change quickly and leave to the director to ask what we are doing for the photo’s my head spinning.


Ryutaro’s POV

          I feel Inoo-chan’s gaze and feel my face get a bit hot. My eyes find themselves glued to the pretty face of the older boy, who suddenly changed at super speed leaving me to change before we start the shoot. I momentarily wonder what was wrong before shrugging it off resolving to ask him about it later.


Hika’s POV

          I look down at the paper and then over at Yabu, relieve that my attention was away from the album. “We should try out something we haven’t before, maybe a new theme we haven’t used yet?” I ask looking at Yabu who looked lost in thought at my words.


Chii’s POV

          I stop squirming and look up. “ I just can’t stay still, I’m too excited about the photo shoot and our upcoming concert. I can sit on your lap right? I like sitting on Dai-chan’s lap, you’re very comfy.” I smile, but then stop and think. What if he thinks I’m saying he’s fat and I find myself worrying and blushing a little.


Yuto’s POV

          Once we ordered our food we sat at one of the tables near the window the place was warm and felt nice. I had gotten a piece of strawberry shortcake and some hot chocolate to keep warm. I grinned as I started to eat occasionally looking up to see Keito munching on a sandwich and tea and smiling at me. I looked up when he suddenly started giggling. “What is it?” I ask my cheeks stuffed with cake.


Yabu’s POV

          I smiled at Hikaru’s idea for a new theme, the question was what could we do, Jump was pretty good at doing the strange and making the fans squee. So finding something new and fresh to make everyone have more fun was a bit of a challenge. I found myself deep in thought until the album caught my eye. I blushed and picked it up and carefully looked trough it making sure Hika couldn’t see. I then found a picture of Ya Ya Yah where we were all dressed up as reindeer in costumes and singing. “Why not do a little bit of a repeat and dress up in a holiday skit?” I blushed for a moment wondering if my idea was stupid or too childish. “I mean we don’t all have to be the same thing, we could have some reindeer and other characters.” I blush waiting to see Hika’s response.


Dai-chan’s POV

          “I’m glad you like my lap.” I looked down my face reddening from embarrassment. I looked up to see Chii looking worried. “What’s wrong Chii? Are you okay?” I found myself tensing at the thought that I had done something to upset him when I mention him squirming. I found myself blushing once again looking away from Chii and instead at the floor. I had such a crush on the small acrobatic boy for so long, however Chii seemed to like everyone the same. I could never tell if Chii was ever interested in me, since he flirted with everyone. I found myself growing jealous as I remembered mere hours ago when Chii and Yama-chan were giggling over a magazine Chii had brought in.


Keito’s POV

           I couldn’t help it, Yuto just looked so cute, with his cheeks stuffed with cake, a little like a chipmunk. “Oh nothing, I was just thinking about something.” I giggle a little more, unable to hold it back, but I couldn’t really tell him that I thought he reminded me of a cute chipmunk. I stopped laughing and notice Yuto was still staring at me, maybe he didn’t except my answer. “Ummmm well I just thought that you looked kind of uh cute with your cheeks stuffed….like a chipmunk?” I blush unable to believe I actually said it and I was a little embarrassed.


Hika’s POV

          Why is it that I find Yabu so cute when he’s embarrassed about something. It’s a good thing he took the album when he did, or I’m not sure I could of kept my self control of not looking at it. Though now that I knew what was in it I was more curious. “It’s winter now and it’s getting close to the holidays so I think that would be perfect. I think we should keep the reindeer, and someone should be Santa Claus but who? As for the reindeer, I can see Dai-chan and Chii being them, it would be cute.

          I notice Yabu blush and also look slightly worried when I mentioned Dai-chan and Chii, especially when I called them cute.


Chi’s POV

          I begin to wonder if I did something wrong or if I really looked that worried. Well I guess I was worried that Dai-chan would think that I was calling him fat. I don’t want Dai-chan upset with me and now he’s avoiding to look at me. “I’m okay, I was just worried that I said something to upset you Dai-chan. Did I Dai-chan?” I wonder if I did anything to make him upset? I’ve had a crush on Dai-chan for a while now but I’m afraid of what he’ll say, so I try to hang out with everyone equally so he doesn’t notice. I wouldn’t want Dai-chan to be upset if he round out I liked him, and I didn’t want to know if he didn’t feel the same way.


Yuto’s POV

          I quickly eat what’s left in my cheeks and look down a blush across my face. I look up and smile at Keito happy that he round me cute. I reached over the table and squeezed his hand for a moment before pulling away blushing. “You’re cute when you blush” I tease trying to hide my own red cheeks, I giggle and stuff more cake into my mouth just to avoid blushing anymore.


Yabu’s POV


          I feel myself a little jealous that Hika finds Dai and Chii cute, yet I can’t disagree with that. Finally I choose to let the cute comment slide, the blush on my cheeks I force down. “Well I think some reindeer would be good…but how about having the reindeer be Yama-chan, Inoo-chan, and Ryutaro? Keito, Yuto, and Yuyan can be something else. I just thought of an idea that we could have Dai-chan and Chii be penguins.” I find myself laughing at the thought.

          “I can see Dai-chan in a penguin suit his cheeks puffed out in defiance saying he doesn’t look like a penguin, with Chinen right at his side giggling.” I smile to myself thinking how adorable that would be. I notice Hika’s laughter and stop laughing to look at him. “You know switch it up a bit? It could be fun…” I trail off staring at Hika who is still laughing.


Dai-chan’s POV


I stare at Chii for a moment a smile appearing on my face. “You didn’t upset me Chii, I was just worried.” I feel myself blushing again as Chii and I make eye contact. Then as if by some force I feel myself leaning in towards the younger boy.

          Then I hear Yabu burst into giggles and find myself blushing and looking away quickly. My heart was beating rapidly as I wondered what just came over me.


Keito’s POV


I giggle at Yuto trying to hide his own blush by stuffing his mouth more. I pick up my cup of tea and take a sip hoping that my blush wouldn’t show as much. I glance over at Yuto, finding him even more cute when embarrassed. I reach over with my free hand and place it on Yuto’s and look away, taking another sip of my tea hoping my blush wouldn’t show too much.


Hika’s POV


          I find myself giggling at the idea, not that it was stupid, but at the image of Chii and Dai-chan as Penguins and sure enough, I could picture Dai-chan just as Yabu described. I almost doubled over in laughter but stopped when I noticed Yabu looking at me. “I’m sorry Yabu, I couldn’t help it, the image just wouldn’t leave my head. I think those two would be great penguins, and the others being the reindeer fits…but where does that leave you and me Yabu? And Keito, Yuto, and Yuyan?” I look over at Yabu realizing how close I was sitting next to him and blush.

          “Since we have enough reindeer and have penguins, we need something different.” I begin to think of possibilities as Yabu also wonders for a moment.


Chii’s POV


          I feel my whole face heat up, knowing that I must look like a cheery at the moment from how red I must be. What was Dai-chan trying to do? Was that…could it be….a kiss? But if he was going to kiss me, does that me he likes me too? I blush even more at that and stare down at my lap, my heart racing. I glance up once more and take a deep breath. I lean up, while Yabu and Hikaru have clamed down from laughing at the moment, and kiss Dai-chan on the cheek and pull away quickly. I scramble off of his lap, a blush on my face and run off out of the room at full speed.


Yuto’s POV


          I find myself blushing happily as I finish off the cake and my hot chocolate. A light blush still on my face. I can’t help but smile when Keito and I get these moments together. “~Ne look at the time! It’s about time for our photos!” I get up and throw my stuff away with Keito right behind me. We both run hand and hand down the hall to the room to get changed. I smile as I see Ryutaro, Inoo, and Yama-chan coming out from doing their shoot. “How did it go guys?”

          “It went fine” Ryutaro responded with a small smile on his face.

          “Yeah it was fun….have you guys seen Yuyan?” Yama-chan asks a light blush appearing on his face at the mention of that name.

          “Nope not yet” I respond smiling seeing my best friend show a bit of his hidden crush on the older boy. Only Chii, Dai-chan, Keito, and I knew about Yama-chan’s secret crush on Yuyan. “DaiChii and Hikabu are in the dressing room, we’d figured we would give them some alone time. I referred to the names that were given for the couples in Jump, little did the fans know much of it was real.

          Ryutaro and the others all nodded. “Ne~ I’m hungry…Inoo-chan want to come to the cafeteria with me and get food?” Ryutaro asks.

          The two of them left and I assume Yama-chan went to go find Yuyan. I smile and squeeze Keito’s hand as we walk into the room.


Yabu’s POV


          I smile at Hikaru agreeing with his thoughts on the DaiChii pair. I then blushed at my own idea of what we could do. “Well…I think we have enough animals; why not I be Santa and you maybe be….Mrs. Claus?” I turn deep red at even asking that. I find myself wishing to take it back but watching for Hikaru’s response anyway. Before anything can happen I hear Daiki gasp and turn to see Chinen running away at full speed. I stare at Hika wondering what happened.


Dai-chan’s POV


          I gasped shocked. It wasn’t the first time Chii had kissed me on the cheek, but it was the first time it was for no apparent reason. I found myself as red as a cherry and my hand reached up to touch my cheek where Chii had kissed me. I find myself wondering what it mean when I notice Yabumama and Hikapapa staring at me wondering what was going on. I then found myself turning even redder if possible and quickly running out of the room. My heart was racing. I wondered where Chii went, I was curious, I wanted know what i meant by that peck on the cheek.

          I knew there was only one way to find out. With a blush adorning my chubby cheeks I choose to go in search of the young Arashi fan boy in search of answers. I prayed that I wouldn’t be crushed by the answers.

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