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So I'm currently 19. I adore Japan, and hope to move there or at least visit. I am a college student and the VP of anime club....however it's more like I'm president seeing as our president just gave birth and is on maternity leave. Haha

I love drama's like Yukan Club, Scrap Teacher, Otomen, Wallflower, Hana Kimi, Atanshi No Danshi, and so many more. Also I love the actors that come from those dramas.

I love J-pop and K-pop though I listen to almost all kinds of music...haha my favorites are Hey! Say! Jump, Kat-tun, News, Temogass, Tettra-Fang, Arashi, FT Island, TVXQ, SS501,  and CN Blue.

Well I suppose that's a little bit of information about me. My life is filled with crazy adventures which I get the feeling I'll be explaining in the future. I have great friends, a loving family, and though I don't yet know my place in the world I am confident that I will find it. :3
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